Board Course – January ITC 2024

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Repeaters Program ITC2024 - Important information
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The Gauteng Board Course is committed to provide the highest quality of lecture and study material in preparation for the January 2024 sitting of the SAICA ITC. The Gauteng Board course will provide guidance to students and equip them with the necessary skills required for the examination.

The Gauteng Board Course applies a unique approach through guided revision of technical knowledge, which ensures all topics are understood within a bigger contextualised framework. Through over 40 years of Board Course preparation we also acknowledge the importance of skill refinement in order to maximise marks in the ITC. We also directly focus on integration of core knowledge to prepare candidates to deal with the integrated nature of the ITC. We believe a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, together with the required skill set forms the basis of thorough ITC preparation.

We also pride our majority market share as testimony of the success of our offerings. We have been involved in the SAICA Thuthuka Repeaters program since 2007. 


  • An online program which comprises both videos and interactive webinars.
  • We do have a day of in-venue lectures in Johannesburg if candidates from Gauteng wishes to attend.
  • We provide candidates with two printed files. The quality of our material is one of our key elements of our offering.
  • Unique integrated webinars to facilitate integrated thinking as well as developing exam technique skills to deal with the integrated nature of the ITC.
  • Interactive webinars to develop a deeper understanding of content.
  • Experienced lecturers with unparalleled passion, the chance to engage with the highly qualified and experienced lecturers of the UJ PGDAS CTA program.
  • Learn from the presenters who are involved in ITC marking.
  • Presenters are the service providers of the highly successful well established SAICA Thuthuka Repeaters Program.
  • Expand your contextualised knowledge. Improve your exam technique and skills to maximise marks.
  • Identify relevant and practical issues.
  • A programme that has been successful for over 40 years.
  • The majority of ITC candidates attend the Gauteng Board Course.
  • Motivation, planning and structure in your studies, through the use of the day to day study guide.
  • Candidates enrolled for the Gauteng Board Course will be given simulated exams in preparation for the ITC.
  • Access to online, timeous assistance with all queries and problems through the use of the online MyPal learning community.
  • Flexibility through our online interactive program.


The Gauteng Board Course offers a unique online program. The program consists of various resources strategically planned to deliver a unique learning experience.

The resources includes the following:

    • Video lectures covering revision of technical content, guidance on preparing for the ITC as well as how to master exam technique. The course includes roughly 8 hours of recorded lectures per subject.
    • Live subject webinars aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the content coupled with exam technique preparation. The course includes roughly 5 hours of live webinars per subject.
    • Live integrated webinars to foster and further develop integrating thinking and performance in the ITC. Three of these sessions will be conducted.
    • Two printed files with subject specific material and questions complementing the preparation journey.
    • A detailed guide to navigate through the ITC preparation period.
    • Access to MyPal, the on-line learning environment which consists of the following:
      • Additional material
      • Online Support
      • Video recordings
      • Recordings of live webinars
    • 2 integrated simulated examinations (4 sessions of 100 marks each) with explanatory solutions.
On-going support and assistance will be offered from registration up until the course concludes in January 2024 (January ITC 2024 sitting). In addition, a simulated examination will be made available in January 2024. Two simulated exam papers will be made available to candidates registered for the Gauteng Board Course. 


All candidates writing the SAICA Initial Test of Competence (ITC) in January 2024 who would like to provide themselves with the best opportunity of passing should attend this course.


Registration opens on 16 October 2023. We request that you complete the online registration form on this website.


We have two courses, an early start which commences on the 28th of November 2023 and a later course which commences on the 11th of December 2023. We offer both video lectures and live webinars during the end of November and beginning of December, over the December period video lectures will be provided coupled with guidance. In January live webinars will commence again until the ITC January 2024. Mock examinations are to be written in January 2024.

Please refer to programs for detailed dates relating to our two courses.