The Gauteng Board Course is a SAICA ITC preparatory course offered by UJ lecturers. We are committed in providing the highest quality lecture and study material in preparation for the SAICA ITC. The Gauteng Board course will provide guidance to students and equip them with the necessary skills required for the examination.

The Gauteng Board Course applies a unique approach through guided revision of technical knowledge, which ensures all topics are understood within a bigger contextualised framework. Through over 40 years of Board Course preparation we also acknowledge the importance of skill refinement in order to maximise marks in the ITC. We also directly focus on integration of core knowledge to prepare candidates to deal with the integrated nature of the ITC.

We believe a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, together with the required skill set forms the basis of thorough ITC preparation. We also pride our majority market share as testimony of the success of our offerings.


Board Course – June ITC 2024

Registration date: 2024/03/25 to 2024/06/03

The Gauteng Board Course is a preparation course for the June ITC 2024 and is offered by senior staff members of the Department of Accountancy, University of Johannesburg (UJ).